December 24, 2012

Us, Him, Them

Since Jesus always prayed and did the Father's will, how can we say that the Father has not answered His Son's prayer, "May they be One ... as We are One...?"  Might it be that it is we who do not PERCEIVE His answer, "Yes!" given centuries ago to Jesus? We ARE the answer to His prayer. The body of Christ is us. We extend timelessly from Jesus' Resurrection into the future, into forever. We stretch over the entire planet, making it His by loving as He does. 

November 29, 2011


"God creates ~ us in His image ~ so we create."

The adventure will be to paint this in acrylic on a four-foot canvas-covered disc before its unveiling at the Bethel Church Bazaar in Redding, December 3. This original is only 8.8 inches square, in water-based ink and india ink on watercolor paper. The 4' painting will rotate around its center about 3 inches from the wall, and may even have some rainbow fabric attached to its edge to enhance its mobility.

November 21, 2011


Seth would grunt this while taking a joyful warrior stance when he wanted to emphasize something he was sharing. He and his Bethel Church team were encouraging and edifying our congregation, New Song. I had been wondering for weeks of how to illustrate a wonderful song lyric describing God: “clothed in rainbows.”  Seth, his smile and his stance became my model for the Spirit that breaks through. My colors flew as I listened.

July 28, 2011

Tsunami Heart

It would be nice to know what you see here. I've gotten some great interpretation feedback.

April 29, 2009

Just Click

Try to chase the sunset with a camera-
into the neighbor’s field
down into the orchard mists.
Find a shot. click.
Look around.
Whoa! over there behind
It’s all around me.
Pheasants flap away.
fast! it’s changing colors.
Give up.

Just try to fill words with sunset
while wrapped ‘round in
moving purple mauve.
Try to fill a teaspoon with ocean.
here, only beauty
too big for a box
now, all eternity
too quick for a lifetime.
Try to fill minutes with majesty. Rather,

Behold Him
and never be the same again.
Say “cheese,"
He’s smiling back at you.